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Is your highest potential calling?

Case Study 04: Trust Our Potential | PerfectMind


Trust our potential.


Explore our answer in a real client case study.

PerfectMind’s global reach empowers member-based businesses. They streamline operations, grow their registrations & connect them with their communities. With over 150 employees, they serve SMB & ENT level markets with leading-edge technology in Platform As A Service (PaaS).


Facilitating easy conversation with a third-party marketing agency to ensure rapid delivery & execution of weekly brainstorming objectives. Daily development of innovative campaigns & programs designed to increase sales in a B2B market.


  • How do we make the client feel engaged on day-to-day basis?
  • How do we increase brand awareness in the SMB market?
  • How do we improve the consumer conversation in the SMB market?


We invite transparency by granting the client access to our in-house project management software & honor weekly meetings to project immediate goals & discuss daily achievements & roadblocks. Engaged industry influencers to stimulate new conversations & manipulate market perceptions. Amplified reach by creating an environment of collaboration & sponsorship with engaged influencers.



Secured 5 Industry Influencers

Amplified Social Reach by %250

Created social contests to ramp up engagement/followers

Provided their highest yielding Webniar guest

trust our potential

case study 04

Business owners stay in their lane to journey their highest potential. Trust our potential. Let us drive marketing.

  • Date

    January 1, 2019

  • Skills

    High-Level Strategy, Project Planning, Project Management, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

  • Client

    PerfectMind Inc.

  • Tags

    Agency of Record

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