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Is mission your reward?

Case Study 03: Build Your Tribe | Vancity Street


Build your tribe.


Explore our answer in a real client case study.

A rising culture movement birthed from the cries of Vancity’s starving artists. Vancity Street is a local platform for designers, stylists, singers, rappers, dancers, street vendors & performing talent to showcase their work in an underground fashion show.

  • Strong mission.

  • Unique project.

  • Attractive audience.


Vancity Street needed to a ROI (Return of Investment) to pay room fees & production costs; however, asking their starving artist’s to pay rent fees was never an option. The goal was to build wealth & opportunity, not charge them for it.


  • How do we secure a ROI through ticket sales?
  • How do we scale the movement while staying true to their mission statement?


Align your social media strategy with your purpose. Scaling the credibility of Vancity Street’s starving artists (via complimentary digital coverage) scaled Vancity Street by inspiring authentic promotion within the community. High-quality content distribution through in-house website coverage, editorial spreads & social media campaign set fire to community conversation- expanding their organic reach & guaranteeing high audience traffic, securing the ROI they needed.


Sold-out 2 Venues (Multiple Times)
Earned Media:

  • 3 Third-party Articles Published
  • 1 Third-party Video Feature Published

Secured 6 Event Sponsors
Projected Successful Campaigns for 30+ Artists

build your tribe

case study 03

Some business models are built on money, some are built on reward. Dear passion projects, explore how our heart can help drive your movement.

  • Date

    May 3, 2018

  • Skills

    Creative Direction, Content Creation & Facilitation, Public Relations, Digital Strategy, Social Media Campaign, Ad Campaign

  • Client

    Vancity Street

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