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The Tribe

Medes Media built our logo, yes. But what they really did was give it story. We didn't know what we want, but we knew what we didn't want. They made the creative process really enjoyable as we uncovered the brand. As we take our next digital steps I look forward to reaching out to them again.

— Ali Maldek, Malek Developments

Buisness Owner

Krystal's work ethic has been a key asset to her success as a digital marketer. Her strong leadership, project management & ability to prioritize in a fast paced environment were fundamental in a position that saw minimal supervision.

— Alidad Sani, Blueprint Events

Promotions Manager

Vancity Street really encourages every person involved to use their full creative potential. They really want the authentic experience of that artist. I’m so grateful to work with such an amazing team.

— Jeffrey Ingham

Producer / Fashion Designer



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